The Importance of Rodent Control in the Food Industry

by Jan 2, 2024

Pest control is one of the biggest challenges facing the food and beverage (F&B) industry in Singapore. Sources of food typically attract rodents, such as rats and mice. Restaurants and eateries in the country are prime locations for these pests to find discarded crumbs and leftovers. Therefore, professional rodent control is a critical aspect of F&B businesses that focus on delivering high-quality products and services. Let’s take a look at why F&B businesses should seriously consider hiring rodent pest control services:

Commercial Rodent Control is Essential for Ensuring Food Safety 

Rodents pose a significant safety threat to food processing, storage, and distribution. Although small, these pests are vectors for dangerous diseases, such as the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) and rat bite fever. Rodents can contaminate food products with their droppings, urine, and even fur. The presence of rodents at business premises is a clear sign of uncleanliness and a strong indicator of health code violations. If the infestation is severe, customers may spot live rats at the restaurant or eatery, negatively affecting the company’s reputation and brand. By prioritising professional rodent control, F&B businesses can uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and ensure the well-being of their customers.

Rodent Presence is a Major Health Code Violation 

As rodents are carriers of various pathogens that can pose severe health risks, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) considers rodent control an essential aspect of F&B business operations. Health codes mandate stringent standards to prevent food contamination by rodents, and businesses that violate these rules can potentially have their licence suspended or revoked. SFA inspectors will certainly check for rodents when they visit your business for evaluations. Therefore, addressing rodent infestations promptly is not only a matter of reputation but also of compliance.

Rodents Can Cost Your Business Money

A rodent infestation can cost your business money in unexpected ways. F&B businesses are required to throw away any food that might be contaminated by rodents. The costs of food waste can be considerable if the infestation is severe. Even a minor infestation could cost your company heftily, especially if the pests get to stored food items. Moreover, if an SFA inspector finds rats at your business site, the company could face heavy fines. Therefore, your business can actually save money by investing in professional rodent control.

Pest Infestations will Affect Employee Morale 

No one likes to work in unhygienic environments, especially if they are crawling with rats. The presence of pest infestations can significantly affect employee morale, possibly creating discomfort and unease among workers. Keep in mind that it is not just your customers who will be at risk of diseases when there are rodents scurrying about, your employees, too, will worry about catching nasty diseases. Some may fear seeing or encountering these pests, possibly leading to increased stress levels and a decline in overall job satisfaction. As a result, your F&B business may face increased absenteeism, high turnover rates, and an overall decline in efficiency. Addressing rodent issues promptly through professional rodent control will be paramount for creating a positive and productive work atmosphere.

When Should You Look For “Rodent Control Near Me”? 

Do not risk overlooking signs of a rodent infestation at your F&B businesses. Even small rodent colonies can spread fast within a short period of time, costing your company dearly in the long run. To save your business from bad reviews, health code violations, and employee dissatisfaction, here are several major signs of a rodent infestation to watch out for:

  • Visible Signs: If employees observe droppings, gnaw marks, or live rats on business premises, it’s a clear indication of a rodent infestation that requires prompt addressing.
  • Employee Concerns: Complaints from employees about rodent sightings or poor workplace hygiene are a major indicator that you need to call in professional rodent control.
  • Property Damage: Rodents can cause significant damage to a business’s property, including wiring, insulation, and packaging. You should launch a rodent control programme even at the smallest sign of such property damage.
  • Unusual Smells: Foul odours in or around the business premises can indicate a severe rodent infestation.
  • Customer Feedback: Negative feedback from customers regarding rodent sightings or other evidence of an infestation should trigger an immediate search for reliable rodent pest control services to safeguard the business’s reputation.

Keep Your Business Safe from Rodents with Empire Cleaning & Pest Control 

Empire Cleaning is a rodent control company focused on getting the best results in the most cost-efficient manner. We can help your business permanently eliminate rodent infestations and remain compliant with safety regulations. Our efficiency-focused methods use the latest technology to reduce labour and, therefore, the overall costs of professional rodent control. For example, our IT-based monitoring devices eliminate the need to physically monitor rodent presence, increasing the convenience and quality of pest control measures. We can help reduce the risk of a recurrence as well. Call us today to inquire about how our commercial rodent control methods can benefit your business.  

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