Does Your Cockroach Problem Require Professional Pest Control?

by Jan 2, 2024

Cockroaches occur in various environments in Singapore. There are about four different types of these creepy crawlies in the country, which often infest homes, restaurants, and hotels. While do-it-yourself (DIY) methods like glue traps may offer temporary relief, you will need advanced pest control services to permanently be free of roaches on your premises. But when exactly should one call in the professionals to take care of cockroaches? Read below to find out telltale signs that demand urgent professional intervention.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Cockroaches 

Apart from being nuisances that spoil immaculate interiors, cockroaches are vectors for dangerous diseases and can even cause property damage. Roaches carry pathogens on their bodies that can get transferred to your utensils, surfaces, and food packaging, increasing the risk for conditions such as diarrhoea. Cockroach exoskeletons, saliva,  and excrement also trigger allergies and respiratory problems in some individuals, particularly children. Additionally, cockroaches are known to feed on paper, fabrics, and similar materials, causing considerable damage to upholstery, books, clothing, and more. Therefore, do not delay looking up “pest control near me” if your home or business has a cockroach problem. 

When Should I Get Pest Control for Roaches? 

Here is a list of signs that your home or business is in dire need of professional cockroach control:

Visible Sightings: One cockroach may cause panicked screaming, but it can also be an indication of a larger colony hiding somewhere. Do you notice roaches in rooms when the lights are turned off? Are there roaches on the counter when you enter the kitchen? If you are clearly seeing cockroaches scurrying around in your home or business, it is absolutely time to call in pest control services before the infestation spreads. 

Musty Odours: Cockroaches occasionally leave behind a distinct smell. The stronger and more pervasive the odour, the larger the infestation and the greater the hygiene risks. It is very likely the infestation would have reached a point that requires professional attention.

Droppings: Excrement from these pests is a major indicator of a considerably-sized colony. If you are noticing cockroach droppings on kitchen counters, behind doors, or in cabinets, that might mean the pests have taken up residence in hard-to-reach areas that require expert extermination. 

When DIY Methods Fail: When the baking soda solutions and the herbal repellents just don’t seem to keep the cockroaches away, it will be time to call advanced pest control services to effectively manage the problem. 

The Situation Worsens: If you notice that your mild roach problem is getting worse pretty fast, the smartest solution is to call in professional pest control. Some types of cockroaches found in Singapore are easier to control than others, such as the German cockroaches. An adult female German cockroach can carry up to 50 eggs at a time, making these infestations difficult to control if not addressed promptly and professionally. 

Benefits of Advanced Pest Control Services for Cockroaches 

Professional cockroach control can offer many benefits, such as the following. 

Long-term Solutions: One of the biggest downsides of DIY cockroach control is that the problem tends to recur. As cockroach colonies are typically hidden, most DIY solutions are unable to reach the root of the problem. When you call in the professionals, they will thoroughly inspect your premises to identify the source of the infestation and ensure all the roaches are gone.  

Rapid Response: If you are seeking quick solutions to a cockroach problem, then professional pest control services are the best for prompt and effective results. 

Regulatory Compliance: For businesses, cockroach control is not an option but a necessity to remain compliant with the food safety laws of Singapore. Food sector businesses, in particular, could be at risk of violating local health codes if cockroaches are present in kitchens. Only professionals can offer large-scale culling methods to safeguard working environments. 

Cost-Effective in the Long Run: You can earn back the initial cost of services by reducing the reputational and property damage caused by cockroaches. Timely and effective elimination reduces the risk of recurring infestations, saving you money in the future.

Experience the Best Pest Control in Singapore  with Empire Cleaning 

Permanently get rid of cockroaches and enjoy peace of mind with Empire Cleaning, the leading pest control company in Singapore. The experienced experts at Empire can offer you a tailored approach for eradicating roaches of any type at any location. We employ the latest technology for pest control, eliminating most of the time-consuming and costly aspects of complete prevention. Get in touch with us to create a plan to control and prevent roaches at your home or business premises without delay. 

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