Mosquito Control

kill dengue mosquitoes without harming the environment by using MN Ultron Device

MN Ultron Device is an innovative and effective solution to kill Dengue and Zika mosquito from the surrounding area

MN Ultron at Lakeside-1

1st Singapore Solar Powered Mosquito Eliminator

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that has become increasingly common in the past few years.

Dengue fever can lead to death and so it is important to take measures against mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus.

MN Ultron device offers an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical-based methods for killing mosquitoes with no harm done to humans, pets, or plants.

Easy to Use

Easy to install, Simple design, and required less maintenance.

Protects 24/7

Due to the solar panel, it is able to provide us 24/7 protection.

Effective Result

Our collected Data is accurate with NEA’s data.

Save Cost

Save cost on Man power that we used for Fogging and Oiling.

What is MN Ultron Device ?

We are introducing our innovative product called “MN Ultron Device”, which is a Mosquito Eliminator and successfully able to eliminate all kinds of small flying insects including the killer Dengue-Zika mosquitoes.

We are the sole distributor for MN Ultron devices in Singapore and since 2019 we have been installed this device in many different locations of Singapore the record shows that our device has successfully able to combat the Dengue mosquito.

So far we have been deployed our device in four “RED” NEA declared cluster zone and within One month we able to achieve a “ZERO” dengue cases as well as all Red zone converted to GREEN zone. 

MN Ultron Device

MN Ultron Showed up on the National TV Channel

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What is MN Ultron Device and How does it works?

Empire’s MN Ultron Device with Auto Dissemination Technology (ADT) provides an innovative solution to completely eliminate the Dengue-Zika mosquito from your surrounding area.

It consists of three-part, as shown the images below, the top part is the Solar Panel, the middle part is the Electric Zapper and the bottom part is the Container.

Electric Zapper


Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Solar Panel – which is found on top of the device this solar panel will save electricity as this panel will be charged in the day and in the night it will use solar energy light to attract flies, mosquito, small insects and other flying pest and once this pest touches the light they will start to die.

Electric Zapper – Which is located inside the UV lamp, and when the insects fly into the zapper by attracting the light, they get trapped and killed inside the electric zapper.

Container –This contains Dr. K Solution and it is situated at the bottom part of the machine. Which attracts the female mosquito to lay their eggs into the chemical-contained container.
When they leave outside, the female mosquito’s leg get contaminated with the Dr. K Solution, and when these mosquitoes lay their eggs in the nearby clean water which is around 4000 feet area (300 sq Meters) this water will be contaminated with the Chemical and the eggs in the water will start to die with Dr. K Solution a Chemical (Approved by NEA).

 In this way, it not only able to kill the mosquito itself but also helps to “kills eggs at the start of mosquito’s life cycle”.


key features

  • ZWaterproof
  • ZSolar Powered
  • ZElectric Zapper
  • ZRechargeable
  • ZLure & Kill
  • ZLandscape Ambiance
  • ZTimer with Auto Sensor
  • ZCoverage Up to 16000 sqft
  • ZAdd Detective App with QR Code

key benefits

  • KProtects the environment and your family
  • KKills mosquitoes without chemicals
  • KProvides a safe zone for kids to play in
  • KKeeps you worry free from mosquito bites
  • KNo more worrying about getting dengue or zika

Benefits of MN Ultron Device

Cost Saving:

A worker who will be deployed to cover the 4000 sq feet will no longer be required to oil the area for stagnant water for 7 days a week which is a cost-saving.
The machine can be repaired for 5 years at no cost (which is the warranty period) and can be used for 10 years which is another cost-saving for 10 years without using manpower.


Other Targeted areas:

National Park Board – Area of Tourist and Locals who use these parks for their daily walk and exercise such as Garden by the Bay and parks in housing estates Ministry of Defense – In the camps for NS Personnel, Schools, Childcare Centres, Nursing Homes and Hospitals.



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