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The MN Ultron Device is an innovative and effective outdoor mosquito control solution for fully eliminating dengue and Zika mosquitoes from your neighbourhood.

MN Ultron at Lakeside-1
Singapore’s First Solar-Powered Mosquito Eliminator
Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that has become increasingly prevalent in the past few years.

Dengue fever can lead to death, so it is important to utilise professional mosquito control measures against the insect vectors that carry this virus.

Our MN Ultron device offers an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical-based residential mosquito control systems. This state-of-the-art device will kill mosquitoes with no harm done to humans, pets, or plants.

Easy to Use

Easy to install, simple in design, and requires little maintenance.

Protects 24/7

Due to the solar panel, it is able to provide around-the-clock protection.

Effective Results

Our data on effectiveness accurately aligns with NEA’s data.

Save Costs

Cut expenses related to the manpower needed for fogging and oiling.

What is the MN Ultron Device?

Our innovative product, theMN Ultron Device”, is designed for efficient outdoor mosquito control. It can successfully eliminate all kinds of small flying insects, including the killer dengue and Zika mosquitoes.

We are the sole distributor of the MN Ultron Device in Singapore. Since 2019, we have installed this device in many different locations in Singapore. The results from our case studies show that the MN Ultron Device can successfully combat dengue mosquito clusters.

So far, we have deployed our device in four “RED” NEAdeclared cluster zones. Within one month, we were able to have the “RED” zone converted to “GREEN” with zero reported dengue cases.

MN Ultron Device

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How Does the MN Ultron Device Work and Is It as Effective as Traditional Mosquito Control Services?

Empire’s MN Ultron Device utilises Auto Dissemination Technology (ADT) to completely eliminate dengue and Zika mosquitoes from your surrounding environment.

The device consists of three parts, as shown in the images below. The top part is the Solar Panel, the middle part is the Electric Zapper, and the bottom part is the Container.

Electric Zapper


Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Solar PanelLocated atop the device, the solar panel will save electricity. It charges during the day and uses the stored solar energy at night to attract flies, mosquitoes, small insects, and other flying pests. Once the pests touch the light, they will start to die.

Electric ZapperSituated inside the UV lamp, it will electrocute the insects drawn by the light. They will get trapped and killed inside the electric zapper.

Container –This holds the NEA-approved insecticide, Dr. K Solution, and is situated at the bottom of the machine. It will lure female mosquitoes to lay their eggs in the container with the chemical. When the mosquitoes touch the container, their legs will get contaminated with the Dr. K Solution. When the mosquitoes fly away and lay their eggs in sources of stagnant water (located within a circumference of 16,000 sq feet), the water will become contaminated with the chemical, killing the eggs. 

In this manner, the MN Ultron Device not only kills the adult mosquitoes but also helps “destroy eggs at the start of a mosquito’s life cycle. Therefore, it can be just as or even more effective than conventional outdoor mosquito control methods.


key features

  • ZWaterproof
  • ZSolar Powered
  • ZElectric Zapper
  • ZRechargeable
  • ZLure & Kill
  • ZLandscape Ambiance
  • ZTimer with Auto Sensor
  • ZCoverage Up to 16000 sqft
  • ZAdd Monitoring App with QR Code

key benefits

  • KProtects the environment and your family
  • KKills mosquitoes with only minimal use of chemicals
  • KProvides a safe zone for kids to play in
  • KKeeps you safe from mosquito bites
  • KNo more worrying about getting dengue or Zika

Benefits of the MN Ultron Device

Saves Costs on Other Outdoor Mosquito Control Methods

Hiring a worker to oil stagnant water for 7 days a week covering a circumference of 16,000 sq feet can be considerably expensive. You can save up on such expenditures by using the MN Ultron Device.

Use Up to 10 Years

Limited Extended Warranty with Repairs

The MN Ultron Device comes with a 2-year warranty you can extend by a year up to 3 years (from the date of purchase). We will repair the machine for free during the warranty period.

Cover a Large Target Area

Our device has an extensive coverage area. We have deployed the MN Ultron Device in popular parks, such as the Gardens by the Bay, and in the housing estates of the Ministry of Defense. In addition, the MN Ultron device has been used in camps for NS personnel, schools, childcare centres, nursing homes, and hospitals. 

If you’re in the process of searching for the “best mosquito control company near me” to eliminate a dengue or Zika cluster, get in touch with us to discuss using the MN Ultron Device for the best results at the lowest cost.



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