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A leader in providing Dengue Mosquito control service in Singapore

Empire Cleaning & Pest Control (s) Pte Ltd is a leading pest management service provider to control dengue and Zika mosquitoes in Singapore. Our mission is to total wipeout of Dengue cluster from Singapore.

“A Reliable & Trusted Company”

Empire Cleaning & Pest Control (s) Pte Ltd is a local company on a mission to Fight Dengue Menace in Singapore by implementing new technology and setting an example for others. Founded in 1993 by Director and CEO Andrew Chuck, Empire has emerged as Singapore’s leading pest management company with a fast-growing national presence, achieving outstanding recognition in eliminating the Dengue Cluster.

Pest Control Service in HDB Block-1


To completely eliminate the insect-transmitted diseases from our society


To be a leader in pest control management service and create a sustainable & healthy environment

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