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Cockroach Pest Control Service

Quick facts

Cockroach pest control service is an important aspect of pest management. Cockroaches can cause allergic reactions to humans, contaminate food with bacteria and spread diseases such as salmonella, e-coli, gastroenteritis, and dysentery.

There are many ways to prevent cockroach infestations but for those who already have a problem, there are different types of treatment options that will work better in certain situations.

We can help you prevent and eliminate cockroaches so that your business operates as usual without the risk of infestation.

Common Species

American Cockroach – (Periplaneta Americana)

German Cockroach – (Blatella Germanica)

Oriental Cockroach – (Blatta Orientalis)

Sign of Cockroach Infestation

  • Several signs hint at a cockroach infestation. One of them is the presence of shell casings left by these pesky pests. These egg cases may appear as small dark brown oval-shaped casings left behind by recently hatched cockroaches.
  • Another sign of cockroach infestation is the presence of cockroach specks. These dark coloured specks may appear like grains of ground pepper; however, they are faecal pellets and regurgitated food matter.
  • Infested areas often emit a powerful odour.

How to get rid of this?

Many blame cockroach problems on poor housekeeping, and whilst this may hold a certain semblance of truth, cockroaches may also enter the home from the external environment. These insects can easily hitch a ride on infested items inside the house or enter through sewer pipes or drains. Some cockroaches may fly into your premises.

Housekeeping is not enough when it comes to preventing new cockroach infestations, since these pests can come from your neighbors or any other place. Professional and quality services are the best policy in order to stop the problem before it becomes a severe issue.

Some of these services include the following:

  • Gel Baits:

    These gel baits are applied in the cracks and crevices where you see evidence of activity. This treatment is applied by enticing cockroaches to consume the gel bait, which contains insecticide.

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Zee Zhenwei Huang
January 20, 2022

Service provider is responsive to my request. Furthermore, providing insightful information about preventative approaches towards my issues.

Lavin Ong
January 18, 2022

Bought an Insecto machine from them for our office. The machine is functioning well and solves our issues. Value for price. Strongly recommend.

warehouse unisafe
October 11, 2021

One of the best place for Mosquitoes solution. Professional and efficient services with great pricing

Wee Cher Tan
April 27, 2021
Singh Rajratna
October 23, 2020

One of the Best pest control service provider in Singapore. They are doing a very good job to reducing the Dengue Cases using their Dengue Mosquito eliminator device.

Rota Mach
October 12, 2020

One of the best pest control provider in Singapore. What it impressed us is their Dengue Mosquito Eliminator Device called MN Ultron Device which effectively reduce Dengue cases near our surrounding area at Chua Cho Kang.



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