Comprehensive Guide to Controlling Mosquitoes

by Dec 6, 2023

Mosquitoes are notorious carriers of disease. The National Environmental Agency in Singapore (NEA) identifies mosquitoes as one of the primary vectors of disease in the country, responsible for spreading six dangerous infections, including dengue and Zika viruses. As dengue cases in the country are now reaching emergency levels, indoor and outdoor mosquito control should be a top priority for both businesses and residents. Let’s examine some of the proven methods for mosquito control that you can consider for your living or working spaces:

Source Reduction—The Best Solution

Source reduction is the technical term given to the prevention and elimination of mosquito breeding grounds. As disease-carrying mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water sources, this method simply refers to preventing water accumulation in and around various premises. The NEA calls source reduction key to controlling mosquitoes and the “best way” to reduce the spread of diseases like dengue and Zika.

In the tropical climate of Singapore, mosquitoes can breed in any place where pools of water stay still without flowing or draining. The most common culprits include discarded containers, roof gutters, pails left outside, bamboo pole holders, outdoor pools without drainage, and even flower vases. If the water is not drained, replaced, or allowed to dry out, it will not be long before your home or office is abuzz with these flying pests carrying viruses. Therefore, source reduction involves regularly draining such containers, replacing water in vases, cleaning rain gutters on time, and properly discarding trash, among other things.

While homeowners and businesses can do simple things to remove sources of stagnant water, professional pest controllers can offer comprehensive elimination. For example, if you have an ornamental pond at home, outdoor mosquito control professionals can advise you on how to manage the landscape to minimise the risk of mosquito breeding. For ponds, this may involve trimming trees and insecticide treatment. Moreover, Pest control professionals have the training and experience to carry out careful prevention strategies that may be difficult for everyday homeowners or business owners to do on their own.

Indoor Misting—Quick Relief

Are mosquitoes prevalent in your business or home, making you desperately search for the “best mosquito control company near me”? If so, indoor misting is a quick solution that can complement long-term source reduction methods. This method involves the automated release of a fine mist containing insecticides in an enclosed area. The mist will disperse the chemical throughout the target area, reaching difficult-to-access spaces, such as corners, ceilings, and crevices. Indoor misting can provide swift relief from mosquito bites when there is no time to apply mosquito control solutions. It can be part of comprehensive residential mosquito control systems if properly applied by a licensed professional. While highly effective, indoor misting should ideally be done by trained personnel to ensure the safety of all involved. Empire is an experienced provider of indoor misting. Our expert staff will carry out this service in accordance with safety guidelines to minimise potential risks.

Oiling—Largely Chemical Free 

Oiling refers to the application of a thin layer of oil to stagnant water surfaces to prevent mosquito larvae from growing into adults. The layer of oil denies oxygen to the larvae and effectively suffocates them. This method is recommended for use in stagnant bodies of water, such as outdoor ponds. The NEA recommends oiling for mosquito control in construction sites in particular. Empire provides oiling as part of integrated mosquito control services for both businesses and residences. It can be an excellent addition to a large-scale plan to reduce mosquitoes in any area and is a great option for those who prefer not to use insecticides on their premises.

MN Ultron Device—Innovative

MN Ultron is a trailblazing outdoor mosquito control device developed by Empire Cleaning & Pest Control. This gadget employs a combination of tried-and-tested mosquito control methods and aims to contribute to source reduction and fully eliminate mosquito populations. The Ultron device is primarily composed of a zapper with a UV lamp. At night, the zapper emits a UV light that attracts flying pests, including mosquitoes. In addition to the zapper, the bottom part of the device has a container with Dr. K, an NEA-approved insecticide. When mosquitoes come into contact with this container, their legs will get coated with the insecticide. When the mosquitoes fly back to their breeding grounds, these areas will become saturated with the chemical, effectively killing the eggs and the mosquito.

We have conducted a number of case studies that show the effectiveness of the Ultron device. It is suited for use outside housing estates, industrial settings, nursing homes, daycare centres, and many other types of buildings, with coverage radius reaching up to 4,000 km. The Ultron device offers a number of benefits in addition to its mosquito-killing power. It comes with a solar panel to generate its own electricity, so there is no need to plug it in anywhere. The device is waterproof and can be left out in the rain. It has an automated sensor system and is QR code supported for remote monitoring. Plus, we provide free repairs for up to five years. Using the Ultron device can help homes or businesses save up on the costs of oiling and similar mosquito control methods.

Benefit from Professional Mosquito Control with Empire Cleaning & Pest Control

With Empire Cleaning & Pest Control, you can be rid of mosquitoes for good. Our proven approaches to pest control are highly effective, safe, and aligned with NEA regulations. We can tailor-make efficient strategies to suit your needs, utilising cutting-edge technology and environmentally-friendly solutions. Empire’s methods target mosquitoes at both larval and adult stages, improving the chances of complete elimination. You can say goodbye to barely effective, store-bought solutions and enjoy mosquito-free living with our professional services. To learn more about our mosquito control plans, including the MN Ultron device, call us or contact us online.

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