How We Completely Mitigate Dengue Cases in Tampines Area in Singapore

by Mar 22, 2021

Mission Critical – Specific

Gaining tractions from our successful case studies delivered for Bukit Batok, Chua Chu Kang and Jurong West in the year 2020, Empire was invited for a specific mission to deal with the dengue menace in Tampines.

The ‘Red Alert’ area is shown in Table-1.

5 blocks of HDB flats with the highest number of dengue cases at Tampines St 22 are carved out for Empire’s battleground against Dengue mosquitoes terrorizing the residents.

Mission background

a. Assigned ‘Red Alert’ locality – consists of 15 HDB blocks at Tampines St 11 & 22 (said to have 1500 households).

b. Mission Critical Specific – consists of 5 HDB blocks viz Blk 272, 273, 274, 275 & 276 (said to have 600 households).

c. Mission Critical Specific in (b) makes up close to 70% of the total cluster.



  1. Use of Empire’s Ultron Device with Auto Dissemination Technology (ADT), installed at Blk 272 Tampines St.22 {carries approx. 200 households} – on 2nd Dec 2020, has the highest number (29) of dengue cases recorded.
  2. On-site monitoring, data collection and device maintenance.
  3. Match and analyse data from NEA’s Dengue Cluster statistical updates & reports.
  4. Use of chart, satellite map, table.
  5. Schedule checks timeline – 2 weeks, weekly and use of hypothesis.


Findings & Insights cover:

  1. Assigned ‘Red Alert’ Cluster – Table 1,
  2. Insights on – Chart 1/2/3,
  3. Satellite Mission Map,
  4. Insights on – Table 2/3 /4.

Table 1: ‘Red Alert Level’ Dengue Cases

Location: Tampines St 11 {TS 11} & St 22 {TS 22}

Cases from Table 1 is represented in the above chart.

Some interesting insights are drawn:-

  1. Empire’s battle mission was assigned to the highest dengue cases viz Blk 272, 273, 274
  2. Empire’s has chosen to install our Ultron Device smack to where the highest dengue cases were – Blk 272 (29 cases)

– To deal with menace head-on

– To showcase the true effectiveness & capability of our Ultron Device with Auto Dissemination Technology (ADT)

  1. ID {TEM-108.274.282} for said locality

Preliminary Findings:

  1. We see pockets of dengue increases (after Ultron Device is erected) in Blk 274….why? {Our consistent findings based on previous case studies have concluded that pockets on increases, if any, will largely come from ‘transient or imported incidents}
  2. An increase in cases outside Empire’s battleground are expected like at Blk 279, Blk 125 as no Ultron Devices are installed.


Table: 2 – NEA’s Cluster listing {Lifted from NEA’s published web}

Table 3: ‘Onset’ Dengue Cases

    Crucial Note: ‘Onset’ cases are reliable indicators of ‘outbreaks’, ‘escalations’ etc

    A 2-week timeline is presented in column 1 to align our data to the number of ‘onset’ cases reported by NEA.

    The ‘overlapping’ timeline is tabulated in column 3. It offers an idea on how long our Ultron Device has been an influence to mitigate the ‘onset cases’ since inception at designated on 2nd Dec’20.

    Using NEA’s actual on ‘onset cases’, a trend chart is formulated below to extract meaningful insights.

    For this purpose, a hypothesis is used to compress a 2-week timeline into a weekly one, leaving NEA’s recorded ‘onset cases’ intact.

    Our mission’s result as shown below.

    Chart – 2 : ‘Onset’ cases aligned to Weekly Timeline

    Using the same logic, a co-relationship between ‘cases with onset in the last 2 weeks’ and ‘cases at the start of cluster’ is expounded with a comparison -chart shown in Chart 3.

      Chart 3: Comparison – Dengue Cases at Start of Cluster & Dengue Cases at ‘Onset’

      Axes representation:

      Vertical left – depicts cases at the start of the cluster,

      Vertical right – depicts cases with onset,

       Graphic lines:

      Blue depicts – Cases at start of the cluster,

      Orange depicts – Cases with onset in the last 2 weeks (aligned to weekly timeline).

      Findings & Insights

      1. A meaningful comparison between the Blue & Orange lines emerges:

      – Blueline shows a steady climb in cases prior to period 2nd Dec to 8 Dec.

      – If extrapolates (without installing Empire’s Ultron Device), a steeper climb in cases will result.

      – With Ultron Device installed (2nd Dec.), a gentle gradient begins after a week from installation.

      – Therefore, with Ultron Device, further ‘spike’ in dengue cases is prevented.

      2. The Orange line shows a more telling trend: – For the same period (2nd to 8 Dec), the onset cases drop from 20 to 7.

      – a sharp drop of 13 cases for the 1st week of Ultron Device installation. For cases below 10. – For the 2nd week period (9 – 14 Dec), the onset cases registered a drop further to 3 …..pushing said cluster out of ‘Red’ to ‘Yellow’ level

      – For the 3rd week period (15 – 21 Dec), the onset exits ‘Yellow’ and enters ‘Green level’

      – As at 30th Dec., information obtained from NEA’s report – registered as ‘No Case’

      Where do we go from here, with these findings?

      Let Empire walks you through the table:- See Table 4

      Table 4 – Various Involvements/Thoughts



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