How Successfully We Reduced Dengue in Bukit Batok Area in Singapore | Case Study-2

by Mar 13, 2021

Empire – The Inside Story

We pride ourselves to be able to offer solution to effectively deal with the current Dengue-Zika menace that is gripping our nation.

Having introduced our Ultron Device in our previous story, we find it necessary to sustain our momentum and embark on yet another study with the following aims:

  • To promote greater awareness of our Ultron Device.
  • To expand collaborations with meaningful stakeholders.
  • To focus our resources and sharing of our expertise and experience.
  • To reach out to other Town Councils in winning the war against Dengue.

We begin with Chart (Figure A) to present an inside story.


Figure A refers to NEA’s High-Risk Area for Dengue Cluster named ID 21000727.

To avoid confusion and by NEA’s definition, Dengue Cluster ID 21000727 is said to encompass among others to include:

i) The First location is the Areas under Empire’s Ultron Device guard and patrol, at Bukit Batok Street 52 for HDB blocks #501, #502, #503, #504, #505, #507, #508, #509, #510 and #511.

ii) Areas that are NOT under the purview of Empire, namely a high housing density of HDB flats along Bukit Batok Ave 3, 4 & 5 as well as private condominiums Regent Heights and Hill View Regency.

To defend Empire’s turf (marked as NW see satellite image 1), Our Ultron Devices are installed at:

  • Bukit Batok St. 52 Blk 504 on 29 Jul ’20
  • Bukit Batok St. 52 Blk 513 on 28 Jul ’20

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Our Findings and Observations:

Said cluster depicts a relentless spike in dengue cases since start of cluster taken at 28th July 2020.

Between the time line (28th July and 3rd September), a 56% spike in cases are reported (translated into 27 new cases).

A definite air of great anxiety, fear and concern not only to the general populace but also to the authority, town councils (TCs) and other stakeholders.

The ‘spike’ in New dengue cases worries Empire too because of the shared border with West Coast GRC.

This has been one of the measures Empire saw it fit to deploy Ultron Devices at Blk 504 and Blk 513, which is close to the shared border.

In this instance, Empire would like to distant itself from the New dengue cases (see Figure B).

Chart in Figure B, shows where exactly the New Dengue cases are found.

Further dissection of cluster ID 21000727, has led Empire to extract the following findings

    1. The female Aedes would have initially ‘infiltrated’ or ‘breached’ shared border guarded by Ultron Devices at Block 504 and 513 areas. The eggs laid by the female Aedes will not survive given the capability of Ultron Device.
    2. Even when the female Aedes continue to lay her eggs within the 150meter range of Blk 504 and 513, NO eggs would have survived because the female Aedes would have themselves contaminated with the Dr. K solution.
    3. This finding serves to protect the integrity of Empire’s Ultron Devices given that NO New dengue cases was reported by NEA amongst the area under Empire’s protection.
    4. From analysing the New dengue cases recorded by NEA – a very different scenario emerged.


    The distinction is clear for areas that are protected by Empire’s Ultron Device and in areas that are NOT.

    ‘Satellite Image-1’ below, illustrates the clearly marked shared border of Bukit Batok and West Coast. In it, also shows the New Dengue cases corresponding to the blocks marked in ‘RED’.

    Chart in Figure B, is produced to offer a pictorial breakdown and easy reading.

    Satellite Image 1 – Bukit Batok

    The New Dengue cases in NEA’s report are dotted ‘Red’ and are clearly found in the SE sector (under West Coast GRC) which is NOT an area guarded by Ultron Device.

      Figure B

        Taken together, a total of 27 New Dengue Cases are recorded by NEA

        i) Now let’s see where are these Cases Found?

        Female Aedes from the blocks in Figure B, have contributed to the ‘spike’. Their flight range may not reach the lure of Empire’s Ultron Devices placed at Bukit Batok St. 52 Blk 504, as well as at Blk 513. Even if they managed to, the ‘contaminated’ Aedes with Dr. K solution will eventually perish along with its eggs destroyed.

        We see Zero new cases in Empire’s guarded sector NW (refer satellite image 1).

        Only the ‘yellow’ dotted cases since start of cluster remains in NW (refer satellite image 1).

        Therefore, it is safe to deduce that the source of New Dengue Cases is emerging from SE areas where no Empire’s Ultron Device are called to deployed yet.

        ii) Finally, let’s see Why NO cases found in NW side?

        There are effectively two reasons:

        1. Empire’s Ultron Device works on a 24 x 7 protection regime for NW area.
        2. The absence of Empire’s Ultron Device in SE areas says a lot about the works of Ultron Devices. We believe conventional methods like fogging or area washing used by West Coast GRC are deemed to be less superior to Ultron Devices in NW.

        Is Empire winning the Battle waged in Bukit Batok – shaded purplish area?

        Satellite Image 2

        Empire offers an idea of Battleground above.

        Empire’s Ultron Forces deployed to Bukit Batok, (see the shaded purplish area above is part of Choa Chua Kang Town Council) has been doing a respectable job in curbing dengue cases.


        To state our claim, let us describe the pictorial Battle mission ground shown in satellite image-2.

        Starting from the shared border, drawn across with a white strip dotted with blue markers divides the Zones into NW and SE.

        • To the North West of these blue markers shaded area in purplish is mission ground protected by Empire Ultron forces.
        • Diagonally across from top left Block 415 down to Block 504 are strategic positions of 4 Ultron Devices marked in ‘RED’, each at the following HDB Blocks 415, 370, 513 and 504.
        • To the South is the part of West Coast GRC.

        Going back to our aims of this study described above, there are some worthy takeaways that we wish the West Coast Town Council can identify with and consider using Empire’s Ultron Devices to fight the forces of Dengue concertedly.


        The worthy takeaways from this study are:

        • Empire consciously seeks to having more meaningful collaborations with neighbouring Town councils using Ultron Devices as the primary weapon to combat Dengue
        • Provides a 24 x 7 regime to combat and curb Dengue.
        • Helps to prevent/reduce Dengue-Zika on a national level, if use widely.
        • Lessen unnecessary sufferings and possible loss of lives amongst the populace.


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