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How Empire Pest Close the Dengue Cluster from Red to Green Zone at Tampines Singapore | Case Study-3

by Mar 14, 2021

Empire – Adopting a New Paradigm

Empire believes that the nagging, worrying and damaging effects of dengue spread call for a paradigm shift in the industry’s reliance on conventional control methods. Over the decades, Dengue has persistently clung to our nation’s household name list. Perched among the top end of our health risks.

A new paradigm calls for a decisive and brave decision to remove the menace.

Empire is capable to help in using MN Ultron Device in many meaningful and novel ways to remove the menace plaguing our nation.

To this, we would like to share the Performance Visibility on the results of our case studies conducted in designated locations.

A chronology of our case studies performed on sites with differing settings or scenarios is selectively produced in this segment for sharing.

Empire’s MN Ultron Device – Performance Visibility

  1. In case study 1 (conducted in July 2020), a meaningful co-relationship between – ‘Rising in Dead Eggs = Dropping in Dengue Cases’ is explained in Chart 1a and 1b.

Chart 1a

The main takeaway in chart 1a is – MN Ultron Device focused on battling at the source of menace that is ‘Kills eggs at the start of mosquito’s life cycle’.

 Chart 1b below, shows the successful work of MN Ultron Device in scoring ‘Total Elimination’ of said NEA’s Red Alert Clusters (recorded on 2-Jun).

Case Study 1 has alerted Empire to look at smaller evidence that may influence/distort our findings. The invading Aedes Mosquitoes that are coming from nearby ‘boundary’ have been a concern, or/and the Dengue cases that are carried by infected humans or vehicular traffic from areas not protected by MN Ultron Device (see Chart 1b for cluster depicted on 24-Jul).

 Fortunately, we found that the capability of our MN Ultron Device has been guarding/mitigating effectively these influences – a huge endorsement to MN Ultron Device.

 On a 24×7 working regime, the menace is firmly contained.

See: containment explained in Case Study 2 below

Chart 1b

You may keep continue reading or Watch our video for Case Study-3 below:

2. Case Study 2 (conducted on Aug’20), drew the distinction between what was achieved for areas that are protected and patrolled by our MN Ultron 24×7 and what was NOT (described as the ‘boundary forces’) …see satellite image 1a and Chart 2b below.

    Satellite Image 1a  

    Satellite Image 1a showed no evidence of new Dengue cases emerging in (NW), due to the presence of MN Ultron Device deployed to Blk 513 and Blk 504 marked in ‘White’. What remained were existing cases marked in ‘Yellow’.

    However, NOT the same reading can be made from (SE). Without MN Ultron Device’s protection, new cases started appearing (see Chart 2b below).

    Chart 2b – Emergence of New Dengue Cases NOT MN Ultron Device Protected

    3. Case Study 3 (Conducted On Sep ’20)

    Hot on the heels of our case studies 1 & 2, Empire strived to heighten awareness of MN Ultron Device, as critical tool capable to win the war against the Dengue. We put our MN Ultron Device through vigorous tests to showcase its real values and capabilities.

    Case Study 3 takes on practical strategies to highlight the ‘battle hardened’ works of Ultron Device.

    A new ‘Red’ cluster in Jurong West was picked for the deployment of our MN Ultron Device. Said cluster is close to 2 other locations where our MN Ultron Devices are actively at work – (Jurong Lake area and at Blk 952 Jurong West Street 91).

    The data lifted from NEA’s Stats is reproduced in Table A. For convenient cross reference, same colour coding is used for Table A and Chart 3 below.

      Table A: Jurong West Ave 3 (JWA3), Jurong West St 24 (JWS 24), Jurong West St 25 (JWS25)

        Red Alert Cluster

        Chart 3: Jurong West Ave 3 (JWA3), Jurong West St 24 & 25 (JWS 24 & 25)

        Empire took Red Cluster in Chart 3 by the horns to tackle cluster within the effective range of our MN Ultron Device.

        MN Ultron Device was installed smack at the heart of Blk 272D on 3rd Sep, where the highest 11 number of dengue cases are found.


        Our findings were Inspiring:

        – Complete elimination attained for all 11 number of dengue cases in Blk 272 D by 24th Sep or earlier.

        – Complete elimination was also seen for all the blocks listed in Chart 3 by 24th Sep or earlier.

        Satellite Image 1b

        Table b: Dengue Cluster information lifted from NEA’s website

        On closer look at the information contained in (Satellite Image 1b and Table b), we found that the Dengue Cases at Blk 276A and 276C remained as of 24th Sep. Why?

        This can be explained:

        –  ‘Satellite Image 1’, shows that Blk 276A and 276C (marked in ‘white’) are deemed to exceed the effective range of MN Ultron Device which is 150 meter, from where it was installed at Blk 272D (marked in ‘orange’).

        –  More importantly, the ‘Alert’ level (after our case study 3 timeline) of the said cluster has been lowered from ‘Red’ to ‘Yellow’ (see Table b above).

        The ‘effective range’ is among the careful considerations to determine the total number of devices required for areas intended for protection.

        So, what are the huge takeaways from these case studies? To this, we produced and consolidated a summary table to manifest the outcomes/verdicts of each study on MN Ultron Device in confronting head-on with our common enemy – DENGUE.


        Hence, Existing users and potential users are encouraged to consider the tested ‘Key Priorities’ in Table-C to making informed decisions for using our MN Ultron Device to combat the Dengue.



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