How Effectively We Can Control Dengue in Singapore by MN Ultron Device | Our Case Study-1

by Mar 13, 2021

The aim of the case study is to check the effectiveness of the MN Ultron Device in the area, where Dengue cases are High as in the NEA report.

So based on the NEA report, we found that block 351 Choa Chu Kang is close to where actual cases of Dengue are high.

After identifying the location, we installed our Ultron device. And to collect sample around the device, we placed a cup-receptacle or a cup filled with water around 150meter apart from the Ultron Device.

A few days later, we started to collect Dead Eggs from our Ultron Device and cup receptacles. We carefully collected the dead eggs and manually counted and assign them to each weekly time-line as shown below in Figure-1.

Dead eggs from the cup receptacles are important for a reason. That is, when Aedes mosquitoes land on the water inside the Ultron Device to lay eggs, parts of the mosquitoes will come into contact with the Aid-Solution.

When these mosquitoes leave the Ultron Device, they carry with them the Aid-Solution that will help to contaminate the water in the cup receptacles or any other stagnant body of water when they land to lay eggs.

All these eggs will eventually perish.

To show, hypothetically a co-relationship between dead eggs and the drop in Dengue-Zika cases by using the Ultron Device, we present Figure-2 below as our findings below:

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We find, there is a set of data that appears to be meaningful when applied.

That is, using our data for weeks 16 to 23 and 24 to -29 as well as NEA’s.

Data (in blue) shows a spike in a total of 59 dead eggs before it develops into larvae.

NEA’s data (in orange), shows a total of 34 actual Dengue-Zika cases.

Thus, applying both data to Figure-2 above has led us to conclude as follows:

  1. The presence of the Ultron Device exterminates breeding eggs.
  2. Denies eggs the ability to develop any further, say into larvae.
  3. The drop in Dengue-Zika cases supports our finding.
  4. Prevents the emergence of new clusters or outbreak.
  5. Helps to reduce or prevent Dengue-Zika cases on a national level, if used widely
  6. Worthy to lessen sufferings and possible loss of lives.

Our further steps towards Total Elimination:

To elaborate our experiment in more details, in Figure-3 we have shown our Timeline Findings versus the numbers of Dengue cases we found.

Figure-3: Empire’s Strikes at Cluster

From the Figure-3, we found the following results:

  1. Lifted from NEA’s cluster shown in figure-3, with the start of cluster 2nd June, cases were denoted by the coloured bars corresponding to the localities in Choa Chu Kang.
  2. Empire’s Ultron devices were deployed or installed to strategic locations within the vicinity of said cluster.
  3. Site investigations to collect data came from Ultron Device deployed at Block 351 Choa Chu Kang Central.
  4. 1st site investigation 22th July saw encouraging result with ‘Zero’ case reported by NEA
  5. Matched versus NEA report 24th July Saw a “spike” of 6 cases depicted in ‘Orange’ bar and 1 case each in bar ‘Grey’ and ‘Yellow’ respectively.
  6. Further investigation revealed that these 8 cases were the result of ‘Boundary’ skirmishes and infiltrations of Aedes from outside boundary not under the patrol of Ultron’s device. However, these Aedes eventually perished (Only ‘1’ case remained in the report of NEA’s…see bar 28th-July)
  7. Matched versus NEA’s report for 5th-Aug, it is safe to conclude that the Start of Cluster dated 2nd June was eliminated by our forces deployed as Ultron.


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